About us

Genom is an award winning engineering consulting firm of dedicated professionals devoted to engineering design, and implementation of solar, EV Charger and telecommunication for residential, commercial and utility scale projects. 

Our Services

Residential, Commercial & Utility scale solar system design and plan sets.

EV Charging systems designed varying from single homes to a parking garage.

Structural Analysis, Construction Drawings  and mount & tower mapping, audits.

We help create new solar and storage incentive applications.

Every plan sheet must bear the seal and signature of the professional.

Have access to a large scale talent network and complete time-bound projects.

Manage your team in one place to monitor and assign them projects.

Dedicated team for

Guaranteed Quality

Independent QA Teams, Regular Quality Scorecards

Fast Turnaround

Within hours, 400= design engineers, 24x5 operations

Cost Advantage

No setup cost, fixed price per project, volume discount

Hear what our customers are saying!

Experience of an year working with Genom It's been a year since I have been outsourcing engineering projects, commercial and residential designs from Genom. It's no surprise that their firm worked well but what surprises me the most is that after working with them, I'm likely to recommend them to others as well.
Core quality of Genom The professionalism and delivering products in minimum days is the core quality of Genom. The positive response we get from our AHJS regarding permit submissions is a reflection of their excellent work.
Genom has a great team of professional engineers No doubt that Genom has a great team of professional engineers and experienced architects. But their positive response to our requirements and delivery according to individual project needs is commendable.
Genom is a great firm to work with Genom is a great firm to work with. The solid communication team formed during the planning session is outstanding to know your business needs. The planning is great and the delivery is even better. We are continually working with them after the trust they have built with us
Team of skilled, well-trained, experienced professionals I have been impressed with the team of skilled, well-trained, experienced professionals. Being an engineering consulting firm which is dealing with Solar, telecommunications and EV Chargers as well, their chargers are affordable compared to other firms. Plus the chargers of their services are worth the quality one gets.

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