Genom offers you premium residential solar designs for your homes. 



We at Genom have over 20,000 residential projects in our portfolio and partner with 30+ contractors, installers, and energy consultants, because of which today we have become the most trusted engineering services and solar design partners in the United States.

Across the United States, we have designed around 200 MW size of projects in residential solar alone. We serve the highest standards solar plan sets and are also in line with updated codes.

Our team works keeping in mind the various requirements as we believe that each state has its specifications and standards. Considering your project requirements, we include all essential features in our solar plan set, such as

For the installation of solar panels, the typical Solar permit plan set we offer provides the following details, with or without battery backup even if the residential system is Off-Grid or Grid-tied. We make sure that the plan set is prepared to meet all the local, state as well as utility requirements.


Aurora Proposal

Aurora’s irradiance engine provides NREL-validated solar access values that are statistically equivalent to traditional onsite shade measurement tools.

This helps to generate bankable Shade Reports that are accepted by major rebate authorities and utilities including NYSERDA, MassCEC, ONCOR, and more.

Aurora enables installers to create a highly accurate solar design without having to visit the site, saving time and money during the quoting process.

Accurate Designs

Aurora shading analysis is within ±3% accuracy of Solmetric readings taken on a rooftop for sites that have LIDAR data, and within ±5% for sites without LIDAR