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EV Charging station Design

Genom Industries have become a household name in the solar industry by having over 30 installers, energy consultants, contractors in our client database. The next chapter in our journey is marching towards our next vision, ” To support maximum companies and humans on the planet to achieve sustainable living” as now we have also ventured into sustainable transportation

Electric vehicles are the cleanest means of transportation and have been celebrated by conservationists. Shortly electric vehicles will predominate the mode of transportation as more and more people are showing their interest in sustainability.

Gratitude for our vibrant team of EV enthusiasts that so far Genom industries has already designed 100+ EV charging stations across the United States. For our engineers quality matters the most and comes first. Holding an impressive record of getting the first time AHJ approvals is one of its reasons. When talking about our EVCS project designs they are no different either

Genom industries also offers the assistance of professional engineers who are experienced in designing RV infrastructure, considering your project necessities along with your EV charging stations permit plan.

Our EVCS plan set provides you with the following details for the charging system which is with or without battery backup. For commercial or residential systems that are Grid-tied or Off-Grid, the plans are the same and the set is planned to meet all local and state utility requirements.